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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hooray for Today!

It was a day filled with good news: I heard from the last two people I've asked to contribute to The New Book, and they both said yes. And so now there are 15 of my very most favorite artists. Oh, who am I kidding? I had about three times that many people I wanted to include--there are just so many fabulous artists out there. And it took me FOREVER to decide because they're all so creative and inspiring that all I could do, finally, was remind myself that this isn't going to be the last book--there'll be other chances to include more of the artists I love. So there were some people I sent notes to and then didn't hear back from in time. Fifteen is a good number, though--many more than that would mean that each artist would have fewer pages of their work to show. And everybody knows people buy the books not because they think I'm highly entertaining (that's why you come here: to be entertained--I had to promise my editor I wouldn't use The F-Word in the book, just so she wouldn't have to scour each page, trying to find where I'd hidden the rants) but because they want to see fabulous art. Ahhhhh. Of course.

Plus I signed The Contract today and sent it off in the mail, and that was really nice. I won't get a big check this time--I took the royalty deal with a tiny little advance. It's not like I have to get my hands on some money right now (although after this afternoon's trip to the post office, that may no longer be true--aieeeeeee!), so we're going this way. Because I had Some Most Excellent Advice. Remember, way back when Living the Creative Life came out, and I had a drawing and gave some away? One of them went to Jean Maneke, a lawyer who specializes in publication and copyright law. And she told me that if I ever needed advice about stuff to get in touch.

She knows about This Stuff, and I do not. I'm the world's worst at thinking about money and legal stuff. I don't like to think about whether someone is being fair or not. I like to think that the people I work with all have my best interests at heart.

Call me a fool.

But I really like my editor and the company and don't want to think about it. Enter Jean. She had excellent advice and told me what questions to ask and everything. She's starting to work with writers who don't want to use an agent and just sometimes need some sound advice. Good advice isn't cheap, but it's what makes you feel good: you listen to her, you don't worry, you relax and can sleep at night, everybody's happy. She made me feel like A Grown-Up, all taking care of business and everything. So if you need to hire someone to help you over the rough and scary patches of figuring out what things in the publishing world mean, I'd certainly recommend Jean.

So. That's today. I have some things to show you--another shirt, Creative Hit #5 (is that right? I have cheat cards I use to remember what number I'm on--it's that bad. Oh. Here's how bad it is at The Voodoo Cafe: we're out on the front porch with the cats. The EGE gets up to come into the house to get something. He turns around and sticks his head back out the door and asks, "What did I come in here for?"

I couldn't remember.)

but they'll have to wait until I can download and upload the photos. That will be Later.

Now it's time for a small glass of wine and some stitching out on the porch with The EGE and the cats.


Cindy Ericsson said...

This reminded me of that song, "Pay Bo Diddley." You don't want people asking what happened to your money after your next book.

adam brown said...

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mybloomnart said...

It's pretty bad when both you and your hubby can't remember why he went back in the house! We do that all the gets to be hilarious!!

Cheers on all the great news!

Moose Ridge said...

oh boy!!! Another book -- I can't wait!! And yes, I do come here (first blog I go to, LOL) to read and be entertained and live vicariously another life -- one that involves art and cats (when I'm earning a check to let me support the cats and the art habit)!!

thank you for doing what you do!!
Dunlap TN