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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Something Fun for You to Do: Jingle Bell Bracelet

Just in time for holiday cheer, here's a quick and groovy little bracelet that's easy and fun. I first saw these in New Orleans, at a garage sale on someone's patio. I came home, ordered the bells, and made my own. You'll think of the little girls in your life; I made one for me, of course. If you're part gypsy, part magpie--well, then: you'll want one, too!

The bells you need will look like these. This isn't the seller from whom I ordered mine, but the bells look much the same. You'll want the smaller size (they seem to come in two standard sizes; either will work, but I like the sound of the smaller bells.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this fun tutorial, Ricë!


Bea said...

I love this. great way to decorate or to wear something fun.....I'm thinking Mardi Gras colors!

Anonymous said...

You are precious. It was so good to see you and hear your voice. Thank you.

S.Marston said...

I really want to make one for myself, I must not, I have enough to do. Do you think my daughter would like one for Christmas???
Love your Stuff.

Crazy for Art said...

Thank-you so much for the tutorial!!! I bought 5 bags of bells on e-bay. 45 4th graders and I are going to make jingle bell thingys for their Christmas concert.(I'm their music teacher) Thanks for sharing!

Ricë said...

how cool is that?! you should video them with the jingle bells--bet they'll sound fab!

Roz said...

I love this Ricë! I just wanted to say that I use those hair elastics and people might like to get the ones that are metal-less, i.e., they are just elastic. I get them at Walgreens and have seen them also at Target. For hair this means no metal to break the hair, but for your bracelet I think it would also be good because there wouldn't be any metal piece to rub on your wrist.

Now I have to find some jingle bells!
Thanks Ricë!