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Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is What I Have to Put Up With

Yeah, yeah: "that with which I have. . ."

So The Ever-Gorgeous Earl is making banana pudding to take to his mom's this afternoon, and I'm in the kitchen setting up the little ladder.

Huh? Well, Princess of the Entire Universe Lennie Lulu is entranced by the sound of the mixer. Because: it's a sound she hears only once a year, when The EGE makes banana pudding. It's not like anyone else in the house ever actual uses the mixer. And so she wants to see what it is, and I got tired of holding her chubby little self up so she could watch. So I set up the ladder for her.

And I looked over and saw this.

It's banana pudding, but what's that over there?

I say, "Eww. That's MY coffee cup!"

And he says, "And?"


And, as a Holiday Bonus Photo, check out this sign that made my whole day--and was I glad I had my little camera!

Personal Watermelons. Now there's something that gives you a LOT to think about.


aimee said...

what on earth is a personal watermelon?

judemowris said...

Does that mean it is small? Like a personal pan pizza???

~Barb~ said...

Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about Earl's banana pudding. Yum-my!
Ah, personal watermelons...okay. *stare* I bet they taste like shit though. LOL
Peace & Love,

Ricë said...

i have no idea what a Personal Watermelon is, but the things that go through my head just make me happier than anything.