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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Podcast with Quilt Artist Pam RuBert

Pam RuBert is one of the contributing artists for my book, Creative Time and Space, and her ideas about using your whole brain, rather than just part of it, and getting both sides of your brain chugging along at the same time—those ideas were invaluable. She’s done some thinking about this, and she’s really generous in sharing what she’s discovered.


Pam and I had a wonderful conversation this morning about art, creativity, quilting, blogging, how designing a website is a lot like quilting, how yoga helps inspire ideas. Yeah, she’s one of those people who sees the connections between all the various parts of her life—and don’t you love brains that do that?


Before you listen to Pam, make sure you listened first to last week’s podcast with Roz, since Pam not only listened to it but took actual notes and makes reference to some of Roz’s ideas, which you’re going to find really useful. It feels kind of like two artists sitting down and having a conversation about how they get ideas.

Pam 3

To see more of Pam’s work, go here. To read her wonderful blog (before I interviewed her for the book, I went back to the beginning and read the whole thing, post by post), go here.

To listen to the podcast, you can go over there to the right, or just go here.

Enjoy, sweeties!


sandra said...

I wish I could stop saying "oh man..." but this interview was so good and piggying back on Roz's concepts blew me away...I really like the suggestion on using your skill development with small projects so you can get immediate reinforcement. That was one of my issues.

And the best thing was hearing again: you've got to know who you are and do the art the way that keeps you interested; Know Thyself--discovery of what makes you tick which adds more dimension for the use of a to journal about the things which pull on me. I know this was in your book Rice; but these audiopodcasts really complement and bring your book concepts alive for me. Thanks so much.

Ricë said...

sandra, you've made my day. thank you. i was just telling my husband that i think i must be doing these podcasts just for me, as it seems no one else is listening to them. they're a lot of work (they take about 4 hours, with the editing), and they require lots of effort to schedule a time when the artist isn't swamped. i told him if only i knew they were meaningful to someone, i'd know it wasn't just an exercise in my learning audio editing. he said, "someone out there is getting something out of them."

and then i come in here and read this, and now i'm happy. he's right, and i'm not just amusing myself! thank you so much for taking the time to 1) listen and 2) tell me about it.

iHanna said...

I twittered your podcast yesterday to spread the word about it, I loved it (haven't listened to this one yet, but will as soon as I start working in my art journal tonight...) Thanks, your interviews are great!

Dora said...

Rice, I've really enjoyed listening to the podcasts with Roz and Pam. I am going to have to go back and listen to Roz's because I was listening while doing laundry and dishes and didn't have a pen in hand and need to jot down some notes. I wasn't as stupid with the podcast with Pam--let's just say that I learned my lesson and didn't try to multitask during the podcast. Thanks for all the time that you invest in the interviews.

Ricë said...

thanks, iHanna! appreciate the tweet. and thanks, dora, for listening AND for taking notes: roz would be so very happy to know you're going back and doing that. i do so wish everyone could meet her in person. i can't stop laughing when i'm with her.