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Friday, October 01, 2010

And The Winner Is~~

Whew. Y'all made me work this time! I wanted to make sure I picked someone who would carry through with this project--someone who will work in the journals and post results and share and stuff. So I had to follow all the links and check out the blogs and look at people's stuff, and I have to say, "Nice work, people!" Wow. There is some really cool stuff being done everywhere out there!

But I finally narrowed it down, and the winner of the three Strathmore journals is Shirley. Congratulations, sweetie!

I like that you have a journal group, and I absolutely love your post about the sketch crawl last weekend. (Those drawings of Manhattan are amazing, and I liked the way you figured out how to do the windows--that would have made me give up, I think.) And I like that you're working in a variety of media, so I'm guessing you have lots of stuff you can test in these.

So send me your address, and I'll put these back in their box with the orange tissue paper and get them off to you--I thinking today may be the day I go to the PO. If not, then next week (I know, I know--I'm way behind in getting things mailed, but the truth is that I loathe going to the post office more and more:  people are just not happy, and it's depressing. Our post office is a dump, frankly, so ugly and outdated you feel like you're in the Gulag, where the government has said, "Ahh, piss on 'em.").

But never mind that--I'll get them out soon, I promise. And congratulations, again!

Stay tuned--I've been stocking up on my new favorite journals and may decide I can bear to part with one of them here soon. Plus there are some others I'll be offering, along with--oh, wow, just a lot of cool stuff:  some duplicate review books from my publisher, a handmade Wendy journal, a fabulous new mixed media sample given to me to give to you by Mary Beth Shaw. Just all kinds of cool stuff! So come back~~


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mo said...

congratulations, shirley! i'm SO jealous ;)
can't wait to see what you do with them ...