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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Embellished Denim Shrug

OK--in my new effort to show more photographs, here are some of a shrug I embellished. I bought this little denim shrug on sale last spring and started stitching it. I worked on it at the Summer Lawn Concerts at the museum each Sunday evening, where our friends kept jokingly asking me if I would ever finish. I began to wonder about that myself. I took it with us on the road, I worked on it in the evenings. I stitched, I appliequed, I beaded.

And then I finally quit--I was tired of it, and it just had to be Done.

And then I realized I don't really like the fit of this shrug all that much--this is where I learned A Very Valuable Lesson: before you start to embellish a garment, wear it a while. Make sure that you like it, that it's comfortable, that it fits, that it's not going to shrink or do something weird and funky.

The front looks pretty much like the back. There's a lot of beading around the bottom and the neck, and both are pretty covered with random seed stitches in various bright colors of embroidery floss--the seed stitch is one of my favorite stitches.

The applique is commercial batik--I have a bunch of scraps from other projects.

The front has a tie to hold it closed--because of the silly construction, with darts, it fits closely and needs to be tied to look good. Alas. This is kind of too "done" for me--but I went ahead and made a tie using silk ties I removed from a wrap-around skirt when I converted its closure to snaps.

Sorry I don't have any "before" photos or ones from the front, but you can see the important part--there's no applique or anything on the front, just the same stitching with beading in it.

Now for an apron show-and-tell, I hope~~


Traci Bunkers said...

Too bad you don't like it. It looks cute! I just finished a knitted shrug that's a little snugger than I would like. But I think it'll relax in time.

Pattie T. said...

I think it's really cute. I could use a close-up of the stitched area though. I mean an even CLOSER look. I'm not familiar with a "seed" stitch. Is it like a French knot? I can't really tell. (Not that I'm complaining or anything. ;-))

cingal said...

i think it looks fabulous. you are awesome with your stitching. i don't know how you got that perfect stitch on denim. is a seed stitch a single stitch with a bead or a running stitch without a single direction? i've never done embroidery with beads but i really like it on your work. cindy

Kira said...

It does look great on you from the back. Such a pity you don't like the front. The heart is lovely without being sacharin and bright without being gaudy.

Ricë said...

thanks! pattie, did you click on the closest one? it should get even larger, i think.

the seed stitch, the way i do it, is just random stitches. i call it the "chicken stitch," but i don't know why.

Chel said...

That is GORGEOUS! Can you "recycle" it into something you might like better- maybe a big bag?

Tyanne said...

I am loving all of the pictures you are sharing. love all the beading and embroidery.

I am so envious of woman who have style. Whatever that style may be.
You have such style, and it just suits you. I have a friend like that. What she wears isn't trendy, but it is her unique style that is just so perfect for her.

I on the other hand live in my comfy pants, and plain v neck tees. (when I am not in my scrubs uniform) I would love to have a personal style that was unique and intriguing and colorful.

peggy gatto said...

Well, I just love it!
Man, the TIME you must have spent, amazing!!!
Sometimes I see things I like and say
"I could could that"!

Megan Noel said...

that shrug is fabulous! and your hair looks great too.

journalrat said...

Ricë, it looks bright and sparkly and you know I love that!

Jean said...

Golly Ricë, every time I visit your pages, I fall in LOVE with color all over again.

No shrugging the shrug; it is lovely. (As are you, chickadee!)


ELFI said...

le coeur et le profil sont magnifique!