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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Podcast with Lisa Myers Bulmash & Aimee Myers Dolich

I admit it: I know nothing about being a mother. But one of the coolest things about what I do is that I get to meet a lot of people, and the people I meet know about all kinds of things I know nothing about. Like motherhood. And trying to find time to combine that with creativity.

So this week I talked to two of my favorite moms about what it's like to find time to make art with little people in the house. Aimee, Queen of Artsyville
has two girls,
and Lisa, The Blogging Queenhas two boys, and both women are talented and creative, articulate and funny--plus they've managed to keep their sanity despite living in the house with someone under the age of six. 

As always, you can listen via the little player below, or go to by clicking the podcast link over there on the sidebar, or download via iTunes at Notes from the Voodoo Lounge.


Michelle said...

Great podcast - certainly two inspiring women. Thanks for the reminder that we can fit our creating in, with a little juggling at times!

nina martine said...

Rice, was wondering if you could remind me what the womans name is that you did an article about in Altered Couture this month. She did wonderful children's clothing.


Ricë said...

i don't write profiles for Altered Couture, so i'm not sure whom you mean. sorry not to be of any help--

Dora said...

Keep the podcasts coming,Rice. Even when the topic is not necessarily about something that I try to do or in this case have as in children, I always learn something that I didn't know before. I wasn't familiar with Lisa but have been following Aimee at Artsyville.

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

Thank you for this podcast! The conversation was very frank and down to earth. As a mother of a 4 year old and 11 month old, I have this internal struggle about finding time to create, taking care of my kids, and sleep! It was great to hear other artistic moms' experiences.

I'm still in the trenches of motherhood but I know I'll have more time in the future.

You also inspired a blog post too. I'm linking this podcast to it too.

aimee said...

wheeeeeeeee! two of my favorite people in one conversation - thanks for letting me share the airspace with you!

Glenda said...

Just discovered this podcast. It was really great, while I do not have young children, I am juggling work and church duties to find time to create everyday,

Dahlia said...

Hi Rice, love your podcast. I know this one is a couple years old already, but listening to it recently made me want to make a suggestion for a future podcast idea: artists who are single mothers.

As a single working mother and wannabe artist, the find-the-time factor is exponentially bigger, and so is finding the mental energy to get any creative ideas at ALL. And sometimes it seems to me like almost every working woman artist i read or hear about (not just on your site), is largely supported by a husband. And hey, god bless her, wish I had the same! but sometimes it gets a bit demoralizing -- is nobody out there juggling single motherhood and art? It would be sooo encouraging to hear from those that are!! Maybe we're a minority, but surely I'm not alone...