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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Destination: Creativity--More Photos from Art & Soul

Because we have so many absolutely fabulous photos from the art retreats, I'm going to be sharing some of the ones we didn't have room for in the book because I can't stand thinking they won't ever be seen. Because I don't have them all labeled, I have no idea who's in all of these--at one time I knew, sure. But you know me: if it was before this morning, it's gone from me.

If you recognize yourself or someone you know, please tell us in the comments~~we'd love to know who you are and what the photo is about and what you were doing that day. For more Art and Soul photos, go to my blog post at

 Michael deMeng, of course.
 Electroforming. You can see the dead frog that Don Madden had if you go here.

 The next photos are from Ty and Marcia Shultz' Big Birdz workshop. Everyone in this room looked totally blissed out all day long.

 Here's a different workshop. More info, anyone?

 Leighanna Light

 More Big Birdz:
 I love these two photos--this guy looks so alive~~

OK--stay tuned throughout the next little while: I'm going to try to share as many as I can before I go on photo-upload overload. I'll probably space them out a day or so, though. Sheesh, photos are a lot of work. And I didn't even take them~~

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Carol Leigh said...

You know what's cool? A friend bought me your recent book as a gift and I got it today. Looking through the book, I recognized a lot of people pictured in your blog. And now in your blog, I recognize a lot of people pictured in your book. What you have created is a wonderful conglomeration/melange of enthusiastic, like-minded folks who SEEM to know one another. We don't need a physical connection to connect. We just need you. (And Earl, of course.) --Carol Leigh