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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally: It's Finished!

Yay! Not only is it finished, but I HAVE PHOTOS! Wowza. Although it was late-ish when we got home from Starbucks (which is, of course, where I finished it), we got some indoor (meaning: the colors are always going to be iffy because of the colored walls unless we take them in the sewing room, which looks, as usual, as if stricken by a tornado) photos.

And not only did I finish this one, but I started on another one--I'm totally jazzed about these, so you'll probably get tired of them WAY before I do.

Anyway, here you go. In case you've already forgotten, here's the first post, and here's the second.

No, I will not wear it with these baggy Levi's. 
I'll wear it with a fitted t-shirt and Levi's that actually fit. Balance, remember?

I did an applique/reverse applique thing on the front. Stitched two layers, then cut the top one out, then cut the second one out a little wider, so you end up with a layered effect I like a lot: it gives it a lot more color.

And there it is. From this inspiration:

To this:


marta traughber said...

It's a lot cuter than I thought it would be. You're pretty good at that!

Zom said...

Okay, when you said reverse applique, I thought the layers were underneath the tshirt.

Your second post totally inspired me and yesterday I was handstitching a new neckline around my newly dyed t-shirt. I was listening to Carolyn Myss and was in heaven. I could really love the handstitching.

Ricë said...

Zom, you're right--reverse applique is underneath. I'm calling it that because there's the piece underneath the top piece, and I cut through the top piece to expose it. Does that make sense? In truth, I have no idea what it would be called because I've never seen it done before.

Suella said...

Like the reverse applique. Interesting how the hang of the knitwear in the inspiration is different to your finished piece. Different thickness? Different knit?

Ricë said...

Absolutely, Suella--theirs was a softer, drapier knit. It really did feel like it had some polyester in it. Because it's not listed online any more, I can't check. The next one I'm making is from something more similar in drape, I think.

Zom said...

Can't wait to see the second one.
Just curious, do you ever think about the symbolism of the images you use? I was wondering why the equal-armed cross? Or is it just a visual decision?

Ricë said...

Zom, I'm not big on symbolism--as a skeptic, I'm not into myths and hidden meanings and all that. On the other hand, things have meaning for *me,* and the cross is vaguely like the Red Cross, a symbol, I think, of safety and healing and protection. But sometimes the same shape can be an X, maybe part of three x's for Marie Laveaux. Who knows?

pat said...

Love the finished product.
You have a way with the needle and patience!