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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Not Quite Finished, Alas

Grrr. I had SO hoped to finish this and show it to you today. I was gonna be all Super Alterer and impress you with my lightning speed and general zoominess.

Eh. I had to go find some Halloween socks. What can I say?

No. Here's the truth: sure, I got some socks, but the trip was primarily to Goodwill, where, today--because it's Sunday--you can get t-shirts for 79 cents. Good, heavy 100% cotton t-shirts in a huge rainbow of colors and lots of sizes. You're not impressed? You should be! Sure, it's not impressive if you're thinking, "Why in the world would I want to wear someone's old 'Fear This!' t-shirt, or that one from their high-school fund-raiser where they sold keychains and gourmet salami and the shirts said, 'The Key to Fine Salami'? Huh? Why?"

That's because you're thinking about it all wrong. Instead of thinking "someone's old t-shirts to wear," think "soft, heavy knitted cotton for less than $1 a yard" (if you find an XXlarge, it's a REAL score).

I found colors that are perfect for the embellishment I want to do on this shrug/shirt thing, and--AND!--I found the sweatshirt I was looking for last week. Glad I didn't find it then, because then I wouldn't have attempted to do this:

Here's the shirt:
Then I tried it on and pinned where I wanted to cut it:

 Then I measured up from the hem to the pin.
 I marked that all the way around.
Then I cut it off.
 Then cut off the hem, leaving just a little extra above it.
 Take that hem and pin it to the bottom edge.
 I got out My Best Friend, the floss book--an Old School one, back when they put actual floss in them, rather than the lame fake samples made of colored cardboard that don't give you an exact color read. Bah.

 I use the floss book to help me pick out the colors I want to use, but then the moment of truth arrives when I go to the floss cabinet: I actually use whatever I have on hand unless I'm not going to start stitching for a while and have time to go to the store. I HATE doing that, as both stores that carry DMC are all the way on the other side of town. I won't make a trip just for that.
I ended up using three autumnal colors.
 Here's the finished bottom.
Close up--you can see how the edge rolls over the top row of stitching. Not a huge deal--I could have flipped it, but the wrong side of the knit is pretty obviously The Wrong Side, so I left it like this.
 Then I cut off a roughly 2-inch strip from the rest of the cut-off part. It rolls up horribly. I tried ironing it, but that didn't help.
 I hate these necks.
 I cut right around the band and removed it.
 Then I cut it into a v shape (fold it in half, matching the shoulder seams, to do this so both sides will be the same)
 Take the piece you cut off and fold it over the cut edge, making sure to sandwich the raw edge all the way up to the fold.

OK--I'm off to Starbucks to finish stitching the neck--I'm not quite halfway through the third and final row. Then I'll remove the ribbed cuffs and do the same on those. Then I'll launder the Goodwill t-shirts and pick out the colors I want for some sort of applique--or! wait! maybe a *reverse* applique! Cool idea!--and get to work on that. Hope to finish it tomorrow so 1) I can show y'all and 2) I can wear it and 3) I can start on one of the other two Goodwill finds--the sweatshirt and a fabo cotton sweater.



Zom said...

I love your refashioning posts. You are my refashioning guru.
And hey, just to "prove" the truth of that statement, I have two, two t-shirts waiting to be refashioned - specifically the necklines (I am a big believer in synchronicity). So thank you for the tutorial.

I will be putting up another refashion post very soon. I finally finished my 'dresslet' I started ages ago. I will post it even though I am going to have to take the bottom part off and add another piece. It isn't full enough in the back and stretches weirdly over my bubble butt, haha.

Ricë said...

GORES! Zom, do gores! I ADORE gores, and although I haven't seen the not-quite-finished dresslet, I'm thinking they'd be perfect--you wouldn't have to take the bottom off but could just cut in a couple places and insert GORES. LOVELY, LOVELY GORES.

Ok. Done now.

Ellen said...

I loved this post - can't wait to see the finished piece!

deb said...

Rice you've gone and done it! I just bought some needles and thread and materail for a pillow.......I realize its not altering clothes and i did buy some yummy material and not reuse from Goodwill but STILL you are one of the main culprits! LOL! Sewing is like the one and only craft i DON'T do. lol....But i keep looking at that luna moth i sketched and i can't help but think it would look awesome sewn and embelished on a pillow. It may take some time while i figure this out but one day it will see the light of day! :)

Ricë said...

Good for you, Deb! Take photos along the way~~XO

pat said...

I can't wait to see what you are going to do next!

Jude Ongley-Mowris said...

We need to see more, and we need to see it now! please....