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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Do I Work on Weekends?

I have no idea. Could it be that I like to work? As in: more than I like just about anything else? I'm afraid that's the case, but here's why: almost all of what I do is about bringing people together and giving people a chance to share what they do. So the stuff that's "work" for me is something that's going to make other people really happy, and that's fun: I like making people happy.

OK, so that's pretty pathetic, isn't it? I should have like, you know, hobbies and stuff. I should be doing something else on a gorgeous Saturday, and I will: here in a minute I'm going to get dressed (yeah: still in the pjs, although that *is* one of the New Year's Resolutions: get dressed before noon. So far, alas, I'm not doing so great at that. But that will improve the week after next when the house will be full of contractors working in the sewing studio. Gotta be dressed at the crack o' dawn that week, and I hope it's the jump-start I need). Remember I showed you this?
And told you I had to get it all cleared out. I thought I was doing great because now it looks like this:
But the contractor stopped by this week and looked kind of shocked--and a little worried--that I haven't finished. Like I have some Secret Storage Space where I'm going to put all this for three weeks. Uh, no. No, I do not. I'm not moving it out into the storage building because--duh!--then I can't get to it. Sheesh. I NEED this stuff. Really. I swear.

 It has, in fact, been a week of men coming to my house and telling me I have kind of a lot of stuff. Did I ask them? No, I did not.

Anyway, so here's my desk this morning and the stuff I've been working on, with my nice organizational chart to prevent more of what happened this morning: contacting someone without remembering I'd already contacted them.
Then I added to my collection of file folders, one for each assignment, so now there are 20, all the way to July 2013. Whew. That feels really good: I like knowing what I'm going to be doing all year.

Anyway, so I got a bunch done today and thought I'd show you some of what else I've done this week. Meaning: some of what I've done besides working. "Working" is all the stuff that has deadlines. "Stitching" is the stuff that doesn't.
 I showed you this coat here a couple months ago:
It had a hood, and I removed the hood and the zipper that attached it, and I used the hood lining (same as the lining of the coat itself) to make some patches.

The buttonholes had some funky stitching, but it was dull--very dull colors. So I added more in brighter versions of those colors.

 Same with the buttons--more, brighter, happier thread.
 A couple more patches.
 Then there was this dress, which I showed you. I wore it once after I shortened the front and realized it was uneven--longer on one side in the front than the other. It might not have been noticeable to anyone else, but it was the kind of thing that would have driven me nuts. So I had to rip out, cut off, even up, and re-stitch. By hand, of course. Gah.

Then I switched out the boring buttons. Did that this morning before I started working. Now it's 2 pm, sunny, and 62 degrees. I'm heading out for a long walk. Then a shower and some sitting in the sun. Maybe with a glass of wine--who knows? It's the weekend--sometimes I break my good habits on the weekend!

That would explain the pajamas, wouldn't it, except that I already ratted myself out on that one~~

Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday~~if there's time, I'll try to come back and entertain you with my Roku Adventures. XO


Anonymous said...

Thanks for working Saturdays. It's always fun to find you around and blogging on weekends.
I love your adventures!
Marilyn the Art Appreciator

Ricë said...

Thanks so much, Marilyn--I would have guessed I was the only one around. So glad to find you here, too. Let's have a cup of something fabulous! XO

Enelya said...

Luv the coat, it looks fantastic ^_^. Seeing work like this makes me realise how boring all the clothes you can buy out of the regular stores are. Very inspiring, thanks!

rawedgestudio said...

love the coat and the green dress....i laugh too, when people say i have a lot of stuff, like a am committing a crime....

Carole said...

Men just don't get it, especially construction guys!

Jeannie said...

I always ask guys if I can see their garages if they think I have a lot of "stuff". It usually quiets them down. Growing up with a carpenter father, I understood having bins of scraps and lots of nails, screws, bolts, etc. My version is just fabric, buttons, thread, and snaps. My Dad gets it, my Mom wants to clean it out and organize it. Can you guess her only hobby is cleaning? LOL! I didn't inherit that gene. Wishing you a relaxing evening. I always enjoy your work. The article about Kat in Belle Amoire is fantastic! Thanks for bringing artists to my home via your articles.

Seth said...

Working on the weekend...I call it playing when it comes to all things art!

Zom said...

I love the coat, love what you are doing with the patches. The lining works great for that, good idea.

Creativity needs lots of stuff. Where will you sew while the construction guys are there?

Ricë said...

Zom, I'm trying not to think about that. Also about how I'm going to keep the sheetrock dust from getting out here in the studio with the (yikes) computers. Lots of plastic drop cloths taped across doors, I guess. It's supposed to be just a week, though, so maybe I won't lose my mind.

Ricë said...

Thanks, Jeannie--I've wanted to interview Kat since I first saw her work. We did that podcast, and then we got to do this, too. She's amazing--I hope she writes a book about her life someday.