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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Jen Cushman Talks about CHA

Yeah, I didn't know what it was, either. Oh, sure: I knew that it stood for "Craft and Hobby Association," and I knew that when everyone I work with talked about "going to CHA," they meant they were going to be tweeting and posting from the CHA winter show in sunny southern California, but that's the sum total of what I knew about it. So I called up Jen Cushman, who knows all things mixed-media-related, and I asked her about it. You can listen to our podcast down there in the little player. You can find out more about Jen and her world here, on her blog and here, on her website, and here, at the column she writes for us over at

And if you want a taste of CHA, check out this video from The Crochet Crowd. Jen had it on her blog, and I watched it and went, "Ohhhhh. Now I get it." I'm not packing my bags to go, but now I understand why everyone thinks it's the cat's pajamas~~


Stacie said...

I just found your website after doing a search on Art Retreats and bought your book from Amazon. I was able to download it to my iPad and spent all morning reading it yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you for writing it; I loved reading it, and it gave me some great insight into what the attendee's are looking for in a teacher as I am investigating teaching myself. I loved that it was from the attendee's viewpoint as well as the instructors which is Invaluable to me as I continue to skip along this journey into creative living. Great job, and now I am off to watch every video you have produced. I love finding out of the box thinkers and and the EGE rock!

Ricë said...

Thank you so much, Stacie--and the best of luck to you on the adventure! XO