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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Podcast with Christine Mason Miller

[Whoa--blogger is having some sort of snit this afternoon. It didn't want to let me in and then, when it finally gave in, the post layout is weird and ugly. So I'll just type this up and try to upload it later. Gah. I've been editing audio and uploading this podcast all day long, and I'm not in the mood to humor blogger.]

But never mind--it's finally fixed! And here's a podcast for you to listen to--it's with Christine Mason Miller, who blogs with us over at I was reading her new book, Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World , and there was a paragraph in it that made me get up and send her an email and ask her to talk to me about this. (I read the paragraph in the podcast; it's about how we can all be examples of creativity and inspiration and passion for others.)


Kathy said...

Glad to see that you survived Tax Day. Was a tad worried about you

Robyn A said...

That was a really interesting podcast. I agree with a lot of things Christine was saying and I must have a look at her book. I am in a similar situation to you in that I am not surrounded by a lot of creative friends and it has been extraordinary for me to connect up with people like you, whose books and articles I have read, and feel at least momentarily that I am part of a bigger group "out there". I have been through a lot of changes in my life and my aim now is to live a creative life - not in the sense only of a mindful life but where I pursue a goal that I have to be working as an artist and feel I am really entitled to think of myself that way. So thanks for the podcast.

Ricë said...

Thanks for listening--I'm glad Christine got you thinking about things--that's always A Good Thing, yes? XO

Swirly said...

Hello Robyn! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and that it gave you something to ponder. Thank you for listening!