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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Podcast with Maggie Rudy

Oh, man, I had fun talking to Maggie. She is just a delight--funny and interesting, excited about what she's doing and willing to share information. I had no idea when I first saw her work on the pages of Art Doll Quarterly--podcasts are always iffy when I don't know the person because I never know if they're going to be good to talk to. Just because someone's doing cool stuff doesn't mean they're willing or able to talk about it. Some people are just not very good conversationalists, you know? And that's fine--we'd rather have them do what they do so well. Maggie, however, is fabulous at both: she makes cool stuff and she's great to talk to.
Maggie in her studio--photo provided by Maggie Rudy
Go here to buy her book, The House that Mouse Built, and go here to Maggie's blog to see more of of Mouseland. 
"Mama's Had a Hard Day" by Maggie Rudy. Photo by Maggie Rudy
Jar--mice and photo by Maggie Rudy
And then once you see what it is we're going to talk about, click on the player below to listen to Maggie~~enjoy!


kimberlyncreations said...

Oh I'm excited! Can't wait to listen to this one because I am a miniaturist! Thanks Rice!

Anonymous said...

This is some great stuff to appreciate!

Marilyn the Art Appreciator

Ricë said...

Thanks for listening. I just loved talking to Maggie--talking to someone who's excited about what they do is just the best. I don't care what it is that people do--the product isn't what interests me so much--it's the process, the excitement and inspiration and ideas and tools and, and, and~~

Elizabeth said...

Dang!! I came back today when I had more time and now the podcast is gone???? Boo Hoooo

Ricë said...

No, it's still there--I just checked. Wonder what happened on your end? Sorry--try again, OK?

DollZandThingZ said...

Love this interview so much! Long time fan of her work and the interview was so much fun!!