Monday, April 02, 2012

And Now for a Little Give-Away: "The Pulse of Mixed Media"

I meant to add this to the end of the last post with the video but didn't get to it this weekend amid all the other stuff, so I'm making a new post. I've got a copy of Seth's new book right here

and I'm going to give it away. But to keep it interesting, here's what you have to do.

~~Go to my blog hop post, here.
~~Watch the video if you haven't already.
~~Visit at least one of the other blogs involved in the hop (even if it's not yet their day to post about the book, visit someone anyway)
~~Find something you think the rest of us might like--something cool, a groovy photo, a story, a prompt--anything--and tell us about it in a comment here on the blog. A link would be nice, but if that's too much trouble, just tell us the blog address.
~~It has to be here on the blog, not on Facebook (I'm sorry, but having names in the hat in two separate places is just asking for me to forget to include people. You know: "remember" vs. "forget." Snort)

That's how you put your name in to enter. I'll pick someone on Friday and post your name here on the blog, and you'll get in touch RIGHT AWAY (like, before next Tuesday at the latest, meaning if you put your name in, you're going to have to remember to check back) with your mailing address. Otherwise I'll give it to someone else. And if you DO get in touch and everything goes all nice and smooth and everybody has fun, I'll think about doing give-aways with some other books I have here that I've wanted to give away but have been loathe to mess with after that last attempt so long ago. I'll try not to get all gritchy about it.

So. Go here. Then go blog hopping. Find something you love. Report back. OK?

Good luck~~XO


susan in seattle said...

Hi Rice: Thanks for the chance to win Seth's book! After following his blog for the month and meeting 31 artists, I'm ready for the book! I just visited Kelly Kilmer's blog and think it's fabulous that she is passionate about saving Pickfair Studio in Los Angeles. Greedy developers tear down far too many historic buildings without much thought or care for history. Go there and sign a petition to try to save this piece of film history!!! Artists are so full of passion!

Ricë said...

Oh, thank you for playing along and letting us know about interesting stuff! XO

susan in seattle said...

Here's the link to Kelly's blog about Pickfair...I'm forgetful too.

Jeannie said...

Rice! You are a peach to offer this fun giveaway. Seth's book is on my shopping list when I go to the big city. I decided to visit someone that was new to me. (I am a huge fan of Stephanie Lee because I made my first piece of jewelry for a friend using Stephanie's book.) I digress. I visited Stephanie Hilvitz. Oh my! I love her artwork. The post that really enticed me was this one:
The open doorway image is so beautiful and I would love to see different artist use this image as an inspiration. It would be fun to see the variety of art created from it. Hope EGE is still celebrating and that you both have a wonderful week.

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Hi Rice. How are you enjoying your new fabby dress form? You know the saying 'you get what you pay for?' Well I hope you got what you paid for. It looks like a well designed item. There is nothing like the right tool (or dress form) for the job hey? Well I hopped to each of the links and will be viewing each again as the days march by but here I have to say that Roben-Marie Smith's work jumped right out from the screen. Because of her layering style and then I saw the sewing machine and that did it. Further along I spotted a little video showing construction techniques and I was nailed to the spot. Here's the link:
And confessedly I haven't watched it yet because I wanted to come here first because I sure want my name in the hat for a chance to maybe own this book by Seth the fabulous. So now I'll go view it. Hello to the ever gorgeous and the furry folk you live with! Good day Rice!! *smiles* Norma

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

My poor MAC of ages, can't handle videos anymore. They sound like those joke routines where a person pretends to be faking a bad connection. However, LOVE the book, and I did visit Kelly Kilmer's blog (it takes me forever to blog hop because of said old computer), and loved her work. Was amazed that her online class mailout included 66 pages, 33 collage templates, and hundreds of tips and ideas. Sounded wonderful. I will make an attempt during the week to visit a few more of the blogs listed. It takes patience....lots of patience....poor old MAC.

Cheryl Connell said...

I love Ro Bruhn's blog. She has so many neat creations and her fabric books sell as soon as they are put on etsy! Now she is doing commissions. I like how she makes all the stamps too.

Thanks for the chance Rice!


Susan Walker Art said...

Love this misdeal of a spring break journal.

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

Okay, blog number two: Dina Wakley. Right away I loved the colors she uses, which are my favorites...especially that bright peacock blue. But what I noticed most, was that her blog just explodes with enthusiasm. Her favorite word seems to be "fabulous." And her blog sit is just that. :=)

ZenDotStudio said...

I've been hearing so much about Seth's book and I loved in your video that you actually showed some of the inside. It looks fabulous.

I visited a few of the links and one of my fav's was Dina Wakley's

Here's a post from a blog I love. Do you know Lynne Hoppe. She is in the book. Her current post has a video by Squeak Carnwarth (don't you love that name) and it's a great little piece on her process. Here's the link to Lynne's post which has lots of her fab art in it too!

ZenDotStudio said...

whoops I think I did this wrong!!! You know you said visit a blog and then you said post something you like. You didn't actually say it needed to be from one of those blogs (although that makes sense now that I think about it) anyway my answer is nonsensical which is creative, right????? I stand by my ridiculous answer as my entry (just wanted to explain my ridiculousness)!!

Pam McKnight said...

I visited Melody Nunez and she had some great ideas on other uses for Easter egg dye and coffee filters, and I loved her black and white bunny!
Thanks for the chance to win Seth's book!

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

Blog #3 = Ali Edwards. Hers was the first blog I visited that had a review of Seth's book. I loved her comment that the book had "meat" to it, in that it wasn't just a book of pretty pictures—although there are lots of those as well.

One other thing that I have found fascinating about this blog hop, is how each blog is so different and unique to each artist. The colors they use, the set up, the fonts, the the type of pictures they post...all give an extra insight into how those artists view their world. Very kewl. :=)

Jo Murray said...

Hi Rice... nice to meet you (via Seth's blog). You look like a fun lady and sooooo busy. Love your FAQ video, and your books. Keep on creating.

Ricë said...

Thanks for coming over, Jo!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hi Rice,

I watched your video on the 2nd. you are SO fun to watch and I LOVE your hair.

The blog that interested me the most was Ro's. Since I love fabric, I am so impressed with anything she makes, including those fantastic books using her handmade stamps. So, anything on her blog would be a post I could relate to or recommend.

uncertainvoyage said...

Hi Rice, I hopped over to Stephanie Hilvitz's blog and I know I will be re-visting her blog from now on. What a happy place to visit.

I've been following a friends frugal year on her blog, you might want to read about it too at I know I couldn't be that strong.

Thanks for the chance to win Seth's book Rice.

Darlene K Campbell said...

Roben-Marie has a new workshop to start around April 15th and she has a way for you to be entered for a chance to receive this workshop free!