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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Decon Over Coffee

Instead of stitching this morning, I did this:

I sat out on the porch with coffee and some new sharp scissors, enjoying the morning before it hits 105 this afternoon, and deconstructed all the navy, brown, and tan t-shirts. Also one funky gold one. This is really exciting because I've got the raw material for whatever I want to try next. Another skirt, I think. As soon as I take a walk, call in for a meeting, do a podcast, start editing the audio, get another draft written, and get the overdue library books back before I have to pay a fine, I can do whatever I want.

Meaning: tomorrow, probably.


Zom said...

I have never seen you wearing navy, brown or tan, so what happens next?

Ricë said...

I'm still trying to get The Perfect Master Pattern, so I'm using only what I have on hand, working from the shirts I like least. If I get a good fit, then I'll embellish it heavily--the navy can go with a denim or chambray color, perhaps.