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Monday, July 23, 2012

Oy, What a Monday

I'm guessing it probably was for lots of people, right? Urgh. I hate days like this, don't you? See, we're getting ready to go to New Orleans (yay! We've missed you so!), and I have a *ton* of stuff to do before next week. Unlike A Regular Employed Person, I can't just turn off the lights and tell Harold to take over and answer my phone and water the ficus until I get back. Instead, I have to get everything done ahead of time by, you know, doubling up on the work. So this morning I was telling The EGE (meaning: muttering to myself, going over the to-do list out loud) all the things I needed to get done today to get a good start on the two weeks' worth of work--blog posts over at CMM and a podcast and an interview and an article and some videos, and how--I cannot BELIEVE I said this--it would all be OK "if nothing screws up, like iMovie."

Those words actually came out of my mouth. What was I thinking, people? I have absolutely no clue. I know better than to tempt fate, never mind that I don't technically believe in fate. Never mind that! I should have put myself into Time Machine and gone back to yesterday, is what I should have done. But, oh, no. Not moi. I said it, and I lived to rue the moment.

So I got up before 7 am (yes, I know that's late for many, many people, but either 1) those people don't go to bed after midnight or 2) they're very, very young) and got busy and got a blog post done and two videos recorded and a bunch of photos taken and uploaded, and then I settled into my desk chair and opened iMovie. And it immediately crashed. I opened it again. Crash. Open. Crash. Open. Crash.

I said a bunch of bad words. With great feeling and more than a little teeth-gnashing.

After many repetitions of this, I figured I should try something else. It said it was having trouble opening two specific old videos, alternating between them, so I went into the external hard drive where I keep those puppies and deleted the ones that were causing trouble. And tried again.

Crash. Crashcrashcrashcrash.

Now, before the last upgrade, I'd been getting the whirling rainbow beach ball of doom, but never this. And since the upgrade, I'd made some movies--so I didn't think it was that. I gave up and called Apple Support. I love those people! They speak English and stuff and are cheerful and mostly knowledgeable and hardly ever grouchy, although I did push one guy to the edge today, albeit inadvertently. Although I just love chatting with them, I really prefer not to have to, you know?

OK, I'll cut out all the boring parts here and just say: I spent about three hours on the phone with four different tech geeks, and we did a TON of stuff to try to fix iMovie. One guy said he was 98% sure his solution would work. I got him to say he was 99.99% sure, just to make me feel better. Alas, it made no difference: it didn't work. The last guy began making groaning and growling noises after the first half hour or so. When we finally--finally, finally!--got it to open without crashing, he heaved a huge sigh and said he'd been ready to bang his head on his desk.

After emptying the cache files and deleting the iMovie Events folder and the iMovie project folder and the p-list files, after deleting and then re-downloading and re-installing iMovie, what finally worked was going in and finding the hidden 3ivx files (they were in two places, one of which shouldn't have had any) and deleting them all. They are, apparently, files put in there by QuickTime that wreak havoc with iMovie. This sounds very PC vs. Mac to me, a form of geek sabotage, but I don't care: at this point, I'm just delighted-beyond-words that I got the video edited and the two movies made.

I finished all this around 6 pm, and I'd like to say it felt really fabulous, but the truth? The truth is that now I'm behind. But I did learn a valuable lesson: be very, very careful what you say about technology unless you say it 1) in a whisper, 2) in secret code and 3) at least 100 miles from the physical location of that technology. And even then, don't let your iPhone hear you: it will tattle, and you'll still be toast.

Happy Tuesday--may it be a sparkly delight for everyone!


Zoe Nelson said...

Oh, Rice, I feel for ya! Mercury is retrograde, causing things that are electronic and mechanical to misbehave. All should be well by August 8. I will be so glad because it's causing me to lose all patience. Not that I had much to start with!

Denise said...

Because Siri hears everything!!! And knows everyone!!!

Ricë said...

Yes, she does! But I don't even have Siri~~

jinxxxygirl said...

Our computer is misbehaving too....sigh...I'm so glad you got things figured out. Have fun in New Orleans!!!

geri said...

mercury retro also effects making plans and sticking to schedules ;and basically anything related to communication (mercury- aka as hermes- WAS the messenger of the gods)). so don't be surprised if more bs attacks your trip preparations.
good luck (and knock wood!)

deemallon said...

what a funny techno-tale!!! being thwarted by our technology is such a regular feature of day-to-day life (for me, anyhow), it is a relief, in a way, to read of someone else's similar sense of head-banging.

elizabeth said...

I'm curious - did you upgrade your operating system and then this happened? I ask because my little old iMac was clicking along just fine until I updated to Snow Leopard and now it freezes up all the time. I dread the thought of even attempting Lion or, what is the new one now, Mountain Lion? This is the only time I wonder if I should of had kids--maybe they could figure this stuff out.

Ricë said...

Elizabeth, I don't think that was it. I keep up with the upgrades, and this iMovie issue didn't seem tied to any of those. And I really recommend two things: keep up with the upgrades, and pay to keep tech phone support active. I have used them many times--way more than my $200 worth--over the years for everything from internet issues to iMovie to weird noises and fan speed. They rock, plus it's insurance and peace of mind for people like me who tend, just the teeniest, tiniest bit, to worry. XO