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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Podcast with Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow

Tammy cracks me up All. The. Time. I think she does it on purpose just to amuse herself--she has that talent, so why not use it? She also has the talent of being really inspiring and having a lot of great ideas for ways to bring more creativity into your life, and in this podcast she has two more excellent prompts. If you've listened to the previous podcasts--here, here, and here--you know how much fun her prompts are. So grab your notebook or stack of index cards, put down whatever you're drinking (in case you snort), and join us~~


iHanna said...

Awesome episode, thanks girls! Makes me happy to listen to this while I cut&paste in my journal!

Ricë said...

Thank you! Any suggestions for the kinds of prompts you'd like to hear next time? We're happy to get suggestions of things that would be inspiring~~

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

Another good one! And while listening, I got the sleeve binding on my latest bolero beaded. A win/win deal. :=D