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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Podcast: Christi Friesen and The Inspiration of Travel

There are some people I'd work with on anything. You know: they show up on time, they're prepared, they have something interesting to say. Jesse Reno, for instance. He's a total pro and a joy to work with. And so is Christi Friesen. I LOVE talking to her. We've met up in person at Bead&Button in Milwaukee and at the airport in Dallas (so you can tell I like her a lot: we braved the craziness of the DFW airport just so we could sit and chat with Christi. Wowza).

Last year Christi traveled kind of a lot--I'm not even going to try to tell you her itinerary; you'll just have to listen to her explain it in the podcast--and she mentioned in one of her eblathers (what she calls her newsletters, which are well worth signing up for) that she always gets fabulous ideas when she's traveling. I wanted to hear more, so yesterday we had this conversation, which was fabulous, and then I got this amazing bonus: she talked about her "bubblegum exercises," and it was one of those moments I live for. I don't know how to describe them, but every once in a while I'll be listening to someone talk about inspiration or their process or ideas or how creativity works for them, and it's like this BINGO moment, where for a tiny nanosecond I can see inside their brain, see inside their creative process and how it works. It's why I do what I do, for those moments. And the people who are willing to open their world up and share those moments with the rest of us--well, they deserve a shiny tiara. It's tough, and it's not just the sharing of it; it's the digging in there and really looking at how creativity works for you and THEN being willing to talk about it. You'd be surprised how many creative people never go there, and how many other people aren't willing to talk about it. I don't blame them: it's kind of like letting someone look inside your head, and how many of us really want to do that? Scary! So the people who do are heroes to me, generous and inspiring, and this little bit where Christi talks about getting her hands in the clay and opening drawers is A Perfect Moment for me--chillbump time. I hope you love it, too~~


Sharon Robb-Chism said...

She sounds like such a fun person...and boy, can she talk fast! LOL LOVE her jewelry work!

Ricë said...

Some people talk really fast when they're nervous, but Christi is just a reallyreallyreally fast, high energy person--she always talks fast--I think it's because she's always doing about a million things at once. I have to listen hard to keep up!

drchstudio said...

Great conversation! I thought the image collecting and filing for future inspiration was good-I tried to do that on the last couple of trips I've taken. Love that she's a note-taker, too! I've for to try the bubblegum approach. Too often I go into the studio with that I've got to make "Something" mentality and if nothing happens, I get frustrated and then nothing really happens.

Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

What a great podcast . . . and I loved poking round Christi's website. Her love of chocolate reminded me about the sumptuous Chocolate Buffet at the Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok. If she's every there . . . it's MMM'mmm! I lived there for nearly 6 years (Bangkok not the chocolate buffet) and often took visitors for that sweet experience.

Ricë said...

Oh, my, Wendy--that menu is mouth-watering, indeed. Liquid chocolate. My, my.

Dora said...

What a grat conversation! I especially liked hearing about the bubblegum method of getting into the creative process.