Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Because I Love You

. . .oh, all right: and because I want to be able to find this again. Although I posted it on Facebook, I have watched it a half dozen times already and am sure I will want to watch it many, many more times in the future, and having it here will make ever-so-much-easier for all of us to enjoy the rampant hilarity it engenders. See?

Let the snorting ensue. 


Elizabeth Bennett said...

Not only did I snort, hubby did too and asked that I forward the link. Thanks to a great start to the holiday.

Ricë said...

And thank YOU for giving me an excuse to watch it *one more time.* Hahahahahaha. I should just put it on auto-repeat, I think.

latestartstudio said...

I snorted so much I almost choked! Even though it's not Thanksgiving here I have to pass this along . . . classic!

cindy c said...

just what i needed==
: )

Susan Johnson said...

LOL Why is it that these things are so much funnier when a calm reasoned voice explains the bizarre and disturbing. Thanks for sharing

It is black friday and I am staying home like a sane person.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday - no matter what you did or ate.