Thursday, November 21, 2013

No-Name Bolero

It doesn't even suggest a name to me, maybe because it's not heavily beaded? I don't know. I *may* add some tiny beads along the edge binding, but I put in the last embroidery stitch just as The EGE drove into the driveway and figured it was a good time to stop and get photos. It's supposed to be freezing and sleeting for the next who-knows-how-long, so I don't think I'll be going out to take photos on the porch any time soon. Bwahahahahaha. As bad as they're saying it's going to be (and on my walk today, that's all people talked about, about getting in my walk today because it will be too horrid tomorrow. We are so not a people prepared for winter weather.), I may never go outside again EVER.

So here it was:
 And then I found out where each little &^%$#@ piece went, trimmed it, and pinned it in place. I ironed everything (it's fused) and then started stitching.
And here it is now:
 I really like leaving the sleeves blank because it looks like another layer. I do have to cut them shorter, though. Every time I make one of these I smack my forehead and go, "Dang it. I forgot to shorten the sleeves again." They hit right in the crease of my elbow and so are bothersome. An inch shorter will do it, if I can just *remember* to trim the pattern.

I want to do more stuff like this and have been thinking (and looking at images of) papel picado. I may do another one just like this but in other colors. Right now I have to decide if I want to add those beads. Then there are a couple things to finish up, and then I can plan the next big project. I get totally jazzed thinking about all the things I want to try. A pieced AC poncho, a pieced scarf, a pieced silk scarf (I have a whole bin full of parts of silk clothes). All kinds of stuff.

It's 81 degrees right now. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 32. Craziness, right?

Thanks for coming by—bundle up and keep toasty! XO


Zom Osborne said...

I love the appliqué. It looks great. But will you have to resew the binding when you shorten the sleeves?

I have started embroidering over the undyed stitching on my dyed 3/4 linen pants. I am enjoying it, to my surprise. ~ I won't remind you of why I am surprised, in reference to honouring our friendship, ;)

Ricë said...

Sorry, Zom. I mean I have to shorten the pattern for the sleeve. I wouldn't dream of shortening these finished sleeves. Gack!

Barbara Smith said...

I completely dig this bolero, Ricë. I know the leaf insets had to make a ton more work but it really is beautiful. Red & purple together is one of my favorite color combinations.
peace & love,

see you there! said...

The extra leaf insets make this more visually complex, The bolero's you make look so useful. Hope your cold spell doesn't last too long.


Susan Johnson said...

I love the final version of this bolero. The extra work was well worth it. I have to admit you really make me rethink my current incrediably boring former corporate wardrobe. There is a lot more color than there was a year ago. But it still needs work. Does any woman really need 8 white long sleeved shirts? Not anymore.

Thanks for all the inspiration

Ricë said...

Susan: white is not permanent! If you like those shirts (the fit, the texture), they can be any color you want.

Sharon @ Crooked Creek Studio said...

I love it just as it is, no beads. However, do as your heart leads you. It will be lovely either way. 70's here in AL this week; 40's next week. Southern weather is certainly not boring.

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

Another really nice one! Looks kinda like little flames, or flaming leaves. Maybe?

Here in So. OR it is currently 42 degrees, and for the last three days has been down in the mid 20s at night. But at least the sun is out. :=)