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Monday, March 17, 2014

Wishing I Could Rant

Oh, man, how I wish you were sitting here with me. We'd go out on the porch and I'd give you a cup of coffee and beg you to let me whinge a little. A lot, maybe, because: holy moly! I posted on Facebook yesterday about how being a diva = being a dick, and although I can't say much here—or there—let me just say the divas of the world get on my last nerve. I'm sure they don't know or care how much their sense of entitlement screws with the plans of The Little People, but yikes. Just yikes.

Having to pull up the calendar and try to shift everything around just because—well, just because. Let's get on to something else before I go into Full Rant Mode, shall we?

I'm still working on this:

and will be until I die, I'm guessing. Because it's tedious, I started this so I could switch back and forth:

 I made the Jumpron long ago, so it was just waiting for An Idea.
I have no idea where this Explorer of The Interior thing came from, but there it is.

I'm loving this guy and am having fun trying to figure out how to make the same-color stitching indicate shape. I don't know if I'll be successful, but it's fun to try.

Then this weekend I started working on these three dresses I got last week in San Angelo. Flax, summer weight, flimsy. I have developed a Major Thang for aprons and jumpers. Basically for things I can wear over other things: jeans, dresses, skirts. Things with pockets, and things that will keep stuff off me (mostly: food. I am the messiest eater on the planet, I swear. I can eat a cookie and get it in my hair, no lie. And I have no idea how it happens. It's not like I'm chewing with my mouth open or cramming 45 pounds of food into my mouth at once. I'm not even playing with my food! Not like I did in college, where "dinner" was me eating the frosting off three pieces of cake and then sculpting buildings out of the actual cake, which was dry and more closely related to building material than to an item of actual food).

But anyway. Aprons! But not any that go around the back of the neck. Oh, hell, no. Nothing on the back of the neck! My neck has enough problems without any weight.

Side story: this past week was Spring Break. The Ever-Gorgeous Earl, Man of My Dreams, and I always do the taxes on that Monday, meaning the weekend before is spent preparing for the appt. Then the rest of the week is spent hauling and moving and cleaning and all that kind of stuff. Spring Break is also, alas, the week the chiropractor takes his family to Cancun. Or Cabo. Cozumel. Canada. Columbus. Something like that. Somewhere that begins with "C" and means he's not available when the stress of Tax Prep and the strain of lifting and toting all join together to make it impossible to turn my head without whanging pain. We went to a dance Thursday night. I mostly sat around and tried not to move. Someone rec. their chiropractor, and Friday morning I called and, I guess, sounded pretty pathetic, because even though they were booked, they worked me in. I was there for 2 1/2 hours, and that guy did pretty much everything you can do to a neck except 1) break it or 2) bite it. I wasn't really sure about #1, in fact, as it felt worse after than it had before. He couldn't do an adjustment because, he said, the muscles were so tight he was afraid, after two tries, that he would tear them. But pulling and stretching, twisting and turning, heating and electrocuting? Oh, yeah. All of that. Plus, because I was A New Patient, it wasn't just the nice little co-pay fee. Oh, no. In fact, all of last week was pretty much me throwing money at people in desperate attempts to Get Things Done. Moe had his teeth cleaned because he had to go in and have his sinuses irrigated to try to find out what's in there causing him to sound like a 70-year-old cowboy (snorting, snarkling). They sent samples to A&M vet school for analysis, so you can imagine the expense on that one. There was the hideous tax prep fee (it takes roughly 2 hours even with all the prep we do beforehand). There was paying the guy who came and wrapped the window that's been waiting for Robert to finish it since—get this—last September. There was the new printer, since this one is biting the big winkie and refuses to scan.


Where was I? Sorry about the whining, but I feel better, so thank you! My neck got better over the weekend with lots of heat and rest, and the regular chiro will be back this week for my regular appt., hooray!

So: aprons. I had these flimsy little dresses I got for $10 each, all Flax, and I wanted to see what I could do with them. Here's the one I'm working on now:
 It was stupid in the front.
 but the back: hey!
 There's possibility there.
 I had this brown one. Remember it? Miss Julia gave it to me, and it had a tear at the hem. Rather than mend it, I cut the bottom off and used that to make pockets, added stitching and some appliqués, and love it. Except that it's, um, brown. Which I never wear.

 But the way the front is made inspired me. Bib-like:
 The back of the blue apron was just right for this, so I turned it around:
 and that seam at the bottom of the bodice part was in the perfect place to be cut off. The first thing I did was to rip out the seams on the binding/straps and remove those from the parts I was going to cut off.
 I laid the blue one under the brown one, drew a soap line, and cut.
 I turned the raw edges under twice. No measuring or anything.
 I sewed them on the—gasp!—sewing machine.
 I cut the cut-off part of the bodice in half and made two pockets out of it.

I'm not finished with the handwork, but here's what it looks like so far:
 It was tough to get photos: it's really windy out there. Duh: spring in West Texas. Why was I surprised?
 I think one strap may be longer than the other. Or it could just be the wind. It doesn't matter: I'm still trying to loosen up. Loosen Up & Get Funky. I should write a disco song.

 So that's where I am now. I've got another one I did, but I didn't think to photograph the process on it. And there's one more, one that's kind of funky and may be more difficult to alter. But I'm going to Just Do It and see where it goes. I plan to hang these around the house so I can just grab one whenever. Plus I've got some appliqué stuff I want to try, and I think these would be perfect.
OK, back to, well, back to The Whinging Part of The Day. Wish me luck, please.


Karen said...

I love the bright red applique on the blue one. Very nice contrast.

Denise Spillane said...

Hi, I hope I didn't add to your upset when I said I was a diva Sunday. I just could not go to work. That was it. Love what you are doing with the jumpers. Can you over dye the brown

Ricë said...

Thanks, Karen! And, no, Dee, you didn't. I'm guessing your version of being a diva is way, way milder than what I'm thinking of. Oy.

Lori Anderson said...

I feel the same when I hear "diva"....

Amber K said...

Sorry to hear about your horrible neck pain. When you said your muscles were so tight, it made me immediately think of a massage therapist. Have you ever tried one? I'm not necessarily talking about going to a fancy spa and getting a rub down, but there's a lady in my hometown and I swear she is like an angel. Helps everyone I know so much, even more than the chiropracter. She is very good at what she does. Gosh I wished you lived closer to me! If you're ever in Missouri, look up Terri at Invisible Sun Massage. Awesome therapist and an awesome person.

donna baker said...

You stopped me in my tracks at taxes. And, my spring break is babysitting the grandkids. The aprons are precious.

Susan Johnson said...

I totally get the Diva thing. It is exhausting just being in their vicinity much less dealing with them one on one. I am soooo sorry about your neck. Glad it finally loosened up. Now to the aprons etc. I love how you put your own stamp on them. I especially like the explorer. :-)