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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Jumprons 2, Perhaps

Or Jumprons, Too. Or something like that, because otherwise I still don't know what to call them. Someone suggested coveralls, but those make me think of workmen's one-piece suits. Or coverups, but those make me think of swimsuits or the poorly-designed tattoo you get when you're trying to hide your boyfriend's name that you got tattooed on your throat before you found out he was married and spending his days with his *real* family instead of working for The Donald, as he'd told you. And so now you have this sort of whale-esque sort of creature tattooed from right under your chin down to your clavicle because his name had to be hyphenated and put on two separate lines because your mama was right: only you would have a boyfriend named Throckmorton.

But never mind. The Jumprons are those things I make from scratch, a cross between an apron and a jumper, and that will have to do.

Anyway. Who CARES what they're called? None of us, right? So here's the latest one, which I just now finished. It was a Flax sundress, with a band around the chest and spaghetti straps. I did it like I did the blue one, below:

and the part I cut out, I used to make pockets. It's much longer and fuller than the others, and it has nice deep slits up the sides, so I left it long. 
 It looks kind of like it's fitted, but it's not: it's loose and plenty big enough to wear over jeans and a t-shirt. And to sit cross-legged in, of course.
 The first two photos were great, and then the camera started trying to adjust for the black fabric, and it got wonky. I had a bunch more detail shots, but they were grey fabric with pastel buttons, so I gave up.  It buttoned up the back, which I loathe. How many men's clothes have you ever seen that button up the back? They don't. Women's clothes that button up the back offend me, as if it's a given that I should require help in getting myself dressed.

Oops. Rant narrowly avoided!

Anyway, so I sewed big honkin' non-functional buttons there instead. In the front, I had to take a tuck, and I made that part in the middle at the very top into a pen pocket. Not that I ever use a pen any more, but just in case. It could be a tampon pocket, I guess, but I'm way past those, too. Chapstick! That's it! By the end of his life when arthritis was pretty much totally kicking his butt, the only thing my dad carried in his pocket, ever, was a tube of Chapstick.
 The straps were sturdy but very thin, and I thought it would be fun to see if this treatment would work (and be washable). The ends of each color are sewn through the strap and then the rest is wound tightly around. I used to do this to random strands of my hair back when it was long (minus the sewing part: I just tied knots). Not all the time, because it didn't wash well. Duh. And I washed all that hair every. single. day. So I'll see how the floss holds up on the straps.

Tall those squares? They were left over from this:
I hate throwing stuff away if there's a chance I might use it. I mean, really: colors I like, already prepped with fusible web, already cut into little squares. You gotta save it, right? So I emptied out the bag, divided everything into two roughly equal piles, and ironed it all on. And then stitched it with black floss. I did most of that on Saturday on the way to and from San Angelo.

So here's this one. 
Now on to the next one. . . .


kathleen codyrachel said...

no problem with verification -
I love what you do - sheer genius -.wrapping the straps with embroidery thread so over the top and perfect
I now arms straight out I kneel & I bow to the queen of everything - EGG must b en s I honored. - I at 62 now know what I want to be when I grow up - I want to be as nice and as talented as you - Bless your sweet heart -
I had read many articles by you & loved them but the sheer exuberance of you needs to be up close a nd comfortable-
In a word the EGG us t b email luckiest per son around!!!! ♡♥♡♥★♥☆☆♥★♡☆♡ - MUCH JOY
kathleen coyrachel

Ricë said...

Thank you, my dear! XO

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

I love both of these, but especially the long one. The bright colors pop on that black, and the bright stitching reminds me of that glow-in-the-dark chalk on a chalkboard that restaurants use to post menu specials. And the Chapstick pocket = brilliant! LOL

Judy Wise said...

My favorite yet. Love your style ideas; great clothes for older women (well, for me anyway, not that they are specifically for older women but that they work so well for our changing bodies) - comfy and imaginative. YAY and thank you.

Zom Osborne said...

I love the chapstick pocket (couldn't find it though). Hey, what about making specific pockets for the stuff I like to carry. Chapstick would be one (though not actual chapstick but an olive oil version.) Pencil, drawing pen, sketchbook pocket. Phone pocket, iPad pocket - no that is a bit heavy. Anyway, you have given me something to think about.

When I saw the first one of these I thought 'vest for a dress'. So a 'vess' or 'drest'? (boy, the auto correct didn't like that.)

Carol said...

Fabulous and chicklet-y - I love how it looks like the top is a corset!

Kate from Antika Nueva said...

These aren't cover-ALLs, but maybe coversomes? (grin)